Coin Dominion

Intelligent Automated Cryptographic Coin Trading


We use business intelligence and predictive analytics to identify real-time trades that generate coins and cash.

Luke Costanza - Cheif Financial Officer


Our proprietary software runs on highly secure enterprise backbones in the cloud.

Matt Costanza - Cheif Engineer


We buy and sell coins using APIs provided by trading exchanges.

Adam Costanza - Cheif Data Officer

What we do

We make money. We identify trends then buy coins to sell for a profit.

We write the code

Our trading software is developed in-house.

We take calculated risks

There is no profit without risk. However, we find opportunities that maximize return while minimizing risk exposure.

We test everything

Nothing is moved to production until hundreds of hours of testing are complete.

We follow the law

All profits are reported to the IRS.

We log everything

Every transaction is logged and reviewed for consistency.

We are real people

While our algorithms are run by robots, this company is not.

Get in touch

Contact us for more information. We will get back to you as soon as possible - usually withing 48 hours.